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Putnam County Genealogical Society


         The Putnam County Genealogical Society held its organizational meeting at the Putnam County Library on October 20, 2001.

         A proposed copy of the by-laws was discussed and the charter membership fee will be $25 and a $10 annual fee will be assessed per year, paid by January 5 of each year.  Charter members shall be life members.

         The regular meeting will be on the second Saturday of each month with a quorum of two-thirds of the members in good standing.

         The first officers fro the Putnam County Genealogical Society were Eric Hoover, president; Sandy Gadberry, vice president; Maribeth DeHaven, secretary; and Evelyn Rennells, treasurer.  Organization papers for the Society will be filed with the State of Missouri.  We will also be a member of the State of Missouri Genealogical Society in Columbia.

         A newsletter will be published and sent to the members.  Research will also be done for a charge by some of the members.

         We will have various projects to make money for our society, and the first one was to copy the1910 Census, put it in book form to sell to the public.  The book will have approximately 500 pages and will sell for $49.95.  We will have a pre-order charge of $40 plus shipping for members only until August 1, 2002.

         The next project for the Society is canvassing the cemeteries and taking pictures of the stones to be put in a book form.  The Unionville Cemetery will be the first book to be published.  The discussion on this was in March of 2002 after we had Wayne County, Iowa, Genealogical Society give us a program on suggestions and hints on reading the cemetery stones.  In reading the cemeteries, they will start at the northwest corner and go row by row. A picture will be taken of each stone plus reading each stone and that inscription will be placed under the picture.  A lot of stones are broken or buried and have to be dug up. Some are unreadable.  We will use sidewalk chalk for those letters that protrude out and shaving cream for those letters that go inward in order to make them readable.  This will then be washed off.

         We have received over 100 boxes of old probate files from the Putnam County Courthouse after they were put on microfilm.  This is also a special part of our research department.  The 1920 Census was copied for sale in September 2003.  In January 2004 it was decided to print a 1930 Census Book for sale.

         On July 10, 2004, it was decided to print a cookbook.  It had a section with recipes in memory of a loved one.  It also had old pictures of Unionville included in it.  The cookbooks sold for $10 plus tax.

         The Unionville Cemetery Book pre-sales started in January 2006, and the book was received from Walsworth Publishing Co., Marceline, Missouri, in May of 2006.

         The Genealogy Society entered the Norman Rockwell Window Contest on December 1, 2007, and won the People’s Choice First Place Award and tied with Farmers Bank for the Judge’s First Place Award.  It was entitled “Mending the Flag” with Marge Heimdal.

         On August 8, 2009, it was announced that Sandy Gadberry had received the MOSGA Award of Merit for her contributions in the field of genealogy/family history.

         The new East End Cemetery Book has been published and received from Walsworth Publishing Company in May 2010.  This book covers all cemeteries east of Unionville in Putnam County.

         David Snyder, whose company is “Jacob’s Ladder Cemetery Restoration Co.”. Did a seminar on March 12, 2011, for anyone interested from the Putnam County Cemetery Boards.  Some of the cemeteries of the county have taken his restoration skill in replacing bases, up righting stones and cleaning stones to restore their cemetery stones to what they one were.

         On August 5, 2011. Barb Sheehan was given the Merit Award for her outstanding work on the Unionville and East End Cemetery books.   She attended the Awards Banquet given by the Missouri State Genealogical Association.

         On January 24, 2012, our new West End Cemetery books were picked up from Walsworth Publishing Co. for sale. This book has all of the cemeteries west of Unionville and West Highway 5.  The Catholic Cemetery in Unionville is included also.

         Maribeth DeHaven was awarded the MOSGA Award of Merit for her work with the Genealogy Society at the annual conference on July 14, 2012, in Columbia, Missouri.  This makes three of our members that have received this award.

         The present officers for 2015 for the Putnam County Genealogical Society are Judy Robinson, President, Evelyn Morgan, Vice-President; Maribeth DeHaven, secretary and Gloria Couchman, treasurer.

Submitted by Maribeth DeHaven, Secretary

This history was reprinted from the History of Putnam County, Missouri, 2013 Volume I.