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Volume 1, August 2014


1888 History Bios

These are scans of the 1888 History Book for Putnam County only. By clicking on the links below you may search the Index then search the pages for PDF scans of the PC Biographies. Enjoy searching for your family!


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Museum Musings

By Judy McDonald, Putnam Co. Historical Society Museum Curator

As Printed in the Unionville Republican, July 27, 2016


History of the City Park

In the 1930s, School District 1 was indebted to the City of Unionville for light and water in the amount of $1500. Members of the City Council and school board were sometimes one and the same and they worked closely together. It was decided to sell a portion of the school districts property at a Sheriffs sale. The city was the highest bidder at $1500. This satisfied the districts debt to the city. The ground was then used for the City Park.


In July of 1938, an additional five acres was purchased to the north for $750. The $750 was raised from citizen donations. The equipment for the park was obtained from WPA surplus.


In 1939, the grounds were used, utilizing tents for the agriculture and livestock show. Prior to this the exhibits were held on the square and other places around town. For the first time, there was a central location for the events.


Another use of the park was for the feeder calf sales. The first sales were held in tents on the north part of the park grounds. In 1949, the Calf Board purchased a strip of land to the west of the park for the construction of cattle pens.


Watch for more information on the famous Putnam County Feeder Calf Sales in an upcoming edition of this column.




Museum Musings

By Judy McDonald, Putnam Co. Historical Society Museum Curator

As Printed in the Unionville Republican, July 13, 2016


Putnam County Industry Discovery in Putnam County


Some time around 1894, Mr. S.B. Walton who had a small jewelry store in the back of the Howard Drug Store decided he wanted to take a months vacation. He asked Mr. E.N. Monroe, owner of the drug store if his nephew could run his jewelry business in his absence. Mr. Monroe agreed and when the young man arrived, he asked Mr. Monroe if he might work at the store at nights. Mr. Monroe agreed to this.


One evening a week or so later when Mr. Monroe went back to his store to pick up some items to take home, he saw a light in the back of the store. When he investigated, he found the young man working. When asked what he was doing, the boy answered, You might think that it is silly, but I have had the idea that it might be possible to make a pen with a bowl that would hold ink and be asserting pressure on the pen point, the ink might be slowly released. I suppose you would call it an automatic fountain pen.*


The young man was W.A. Sheaffer and this was the beginning of the fountain pen industry.


*(Taken from the Unionville Centennial book. Watch for a new abridged edition coming soon.)



Putnam County Public Library

Now has Digital Version of Entire PC Newspaper Collection

Letha Walsh, Director of the PC Public Library has announced that thanks to a very generous donation in memory of Barbara Wickless PhD, by her family, the Library has been able to digitize their collection of Putnam County newspapers. They have been scanned, digitized, and organized in a database. Every newspaper in the database is fully searchable by keyword and date, making it easy to quickly explore historical content. Patrons can access the database from home, by using this url: http://putnamcounty.advantage-preservation.com/